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Hugo and Billy arrive5 Stars Fantastic read for toddlers My 2 years old never sits through a whole story; always gets bored after a page or two. This book kept her engrossed until the end. Every day since, it has been "cat book" - she loves it :) The rhyming makes it fun and the message throughout the story is lovely! Highly recommend for toddlers - particularly those who find reading the usual books boring! Miquelle


5 Stars Great book and story With its bright pictures and Rhyming story it kept my 2 year old enthralled from start to finish and its not very often she sits still for longer than 5 mins. The download at the end is an added bonus. I would definitely recommend Nat the Cats Sunny Smile. Sam


5 Stars Fab rhyming book with great message I received this and read it myself (and enjoyed it lol) before showing to our lil 22 month old. She loves it!! She is saying 'cat cat cat' over & over again!! I think this book is definitely going to be one of her favourites. The message within the story is by smiling yourself, you can make others happy :). That is a lovely message within a book for any age! The fact that you can download the music for the books song is fantastic!! If you could read music & play an instrument reading the book with your child could even end with a music lesson which I think is a fantastic & clever idea!! All in all I think 'Nat the Cat & his sunny smile' is a really lovely book .... But more importantly Ayla loves it more :)

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