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Reviews Say Creating the Book It's the Bear


ITB - Behind You!

5stars The illustrations in this book are truly wonderful and my little girl is enthralled every time by the story. To really enjoy storytime you need a book that involves the storyteller and the audience and without a doubt this book achieves that goal admirably. An absolute must for everyone. By A Customer

5stars The illustrations in this book are fantastic. The large format works well, with each page varying in its layout. There's a mixture of frames; some laid out horizontally, others vertically on one page, or full panels on another. It's a very effective way to measure the pace and suspense of the story. It's the Bear! is sure to become a classic. Look out for other Jez Alborough books. By "hurburgh"

5stars Second of a series of 3, this book covers the subjects of being alone, hiding and adventure as well as showing that parents can be wrong. It sounds very dark from this description but is somehow quite the reverse. This is enjoyed by both my 2 year old son and 5 year old daughter, who is often to be found asleep with this or Where's My Teddy still in her hands. Dont't buy just this book, buy all 3! By A Customer

5stars This book moves at a wonderful pace with tumpty tah rhythm which all young children love. My son is just 5 and I have read this book several hundred times since he was 2.5 and now he loves to read it to his little brother who is 13 months old. If you want a fun book to read, this is the one. By A Customer

5stars Makes reading fun for young children. Encourages them to follow the words and use their imagination by thinking where the Bear is hiding. It's a funny story that young children understand and they can "be the Bear". By A Customer

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