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Reviews Say Creating the Book My Friend Bear


MFB - Eddy Behind Teddy

5 Stars Brilliant third Bear book from Jez Alborough Another hugely entertaining book with Eddy and his teddy making friends with the Bear. My three year old daughter has memorised all the words and my two year old son loves to get the last word of each rhyming sentence - a great aid to start them reading and interested in books. By A Customer

5 Stars Where's My Teddy? is an old favourite so we were delighted to find this follow-up, and it did not disappoint! This one is longer, which perfectly suits the kids who've grown up with Where's My Teddy and are ready for something longer. This has pathos, a story of friendship, and a lot of laughs, as well as the familiar rhyming pattern we love from its predecessor. I read it to a 5 year old and 7 year old, and both loved it. I highly recommend it as a book that's bound to become a family favourite with any children. Kelly A19, UK

5 Stars My three year old son absolutely loves this book and I enjoy reading it to him each night before he goes to sleep. The story of Eddy and Bear's friendship is told through ryhme which is perfect for little ones to remember the words. M Palmer, Surrey, England

5 Stars My 3 year old loves the Bear stories. In this story, the boy Eddie gets trapped behind the Bear's huge teddy bear. He pretends he is the huge teddy by speaking back to the real Bear who is sad. The two become friends. My son laughs everytime we read this. It is a complement to the other Bear book by the author, in which Eddie is left out in the woods with the Bear while his mother runs back home to fetch an item for their picnic. This is a wonderful read. Highly recommended! Charlie4, St Thomas, VI, United States

5 Stars This is our second Bear book by Jez Alborough and we just love the rhyming, and the great pictures. My son regularly asks to read this book.  heidimcdade, Fall City, WA, USA

5 Stars This book, just like the first Where's My Teddy? book, teaches with humor. The illustrations are really eye-catching and this story teaches parents and children about the importance of having friends. We love it. Momalisa, NC

5 Stars This is a delightful, relational story. It's cleverly written, and beautifully illustrated, and one that became our favorite imediately! This is a book that I have shared with friends and often give as a present. I cannot say enough about this book (or author)!
Karin Kitahara "Huge M2 Fan"

5 Stars Such a wonderful story this is! It is enjoyed everynight at bedtime, and it never becomes dull. Such a sweet story about a lonely boy and a lonely Bear who find friendship with each other. Charming! MommaMia, NY

5 Stars We LOVE the Bear!!! My kids have three of Jez Alborough's books. They absolutely love the Bear. I think the stories are well written and funny. We read at least one Bear book every night! By A Customer

5 Stars This is a great story about making friends. It teaches children about compassion, and love. It is also just a whole lot of fun, especially if you read the other two stories: Where's My Teddy and It's the Bear. My kids love them! By A Customer

5 Stars This book is wonderfully written and children will love the way a wonderful friendship develops between a boy and a bear. This book teaches children that no matter what your new friend looks like to look inside their heart, as Eddie the boy did when he and the Bear became friends. We all could learn alot from Eddie and the Bear about being friendly to each other.
By A Customer

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