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Reviews Say Creating the Book Where's My Teddy


Teddy Head

5stars This book was bought for my youngest daughter several years ago. We started reading it when my daughter was 4. To this day, all of my children can quote the entire series word for word, as can I. The book details Eddie's search for his teddy, Freddy after he was accidentally left behind in the woods. Unbeknown to Eddy, Bear has also lost his teddy and is searching at the same time......
         The book is written as a poem and is brilliant and funny, a real treat for parents getting a little tired of Cinderella and Tigerella with some real scope for fun and tension. This is a wonderful and much loved book and invokes some wonderful and very special childhood memories for myself and my children. I would also highly recommend "It's the Bear!" - our favourite of the series. Healysgirl, UK

5stars What a Concept! Wow, this is one of our favorite books. The author covers the concept of big and small, but even more importantly makes children understand that just because something (or someone), seems very different than you doesn't necessarily mean you won't have something in common. And, just because something (or someone) is bigger than you doesn't mean they aren't feeling scared, too. I love reading this book to my children. By Momalisa,NC

5stars I just got this book last week for my 25-month-old and I can already tell it is destined to be one of our very favorites. It is just as much fun for me to read as it is for her to hear it! The illustrations and rhyming text are wonderfully amusing and my daughter squeals with delight when she sees the "little tiny bear". The contrast in the sizes of the bears is clever and it seems very reassuring to my daughter at the end when the bear and the boy both end up in their beds with the right teddy bears. By A Customer

5stars My little boy's favourite book. The rhyming couplets really appeal to him. He is only 8 months old but as soon as I pick up this book, he gets really excited. He giggles along at certain lines and it never fails to settle him down. Just brilliant.   CDubya "trinity_books_", UK

5stars This is SUCH a good book. My son (now 3 and a half) has loved it since he was quite little and I love it too. The story is great and the rhymes are good too. I love it when he picks this one to read at bedtime - it's a book that really is enjoyable to read, read, read, read and read again. N. Wood, Bedfordshire, UK

5stars This book is a fantastic read for both child and adult. We bought it when my daughter was about 1 1/2 years old and she's just fascinated by the text and pictures. We use silly voices to tell the story and have fun looking at the pictures...if you look really hard you'll see lots of tiny animals peeking down from the trees! I missed those...the one year old is more observant! A gem! Pandarach, N Hatfield, MA, USA

5stars Everyone I've ever read this to loves it! Don't forget to use voices and inflection while reading. Also, kids really seem to enjoy this book if it is read a fast-moderate speed. Don't take too long or the anticipation will be lost. Holly Lewis "Avid Reader", Medina, OH USA

5 Stars This is my favorite picture book. This is such a funny book. If you love to laugh than you should buy. Even if you are 10 or 11 I think you will like this book. The boy lost his teddy and he decides to look for it in the forest. It is full of rhymes. the boy's name is Eddie. His teddies name is Freddie. Eddie and the Bear get confused because their teddy bears look exactly a like except for their size. It is a great book. A Kid's Review

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