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Reviews Say Creating the Book Tall


Tall - Bobo Walks

Great, great book that benefits the child in many ways. On emotion and trust, it shows that parents will always be there for the child - Bobo's mom ran to catch him when he was about to fall. My 1.8 years old child loves it when I simulate that I can football-catch a falling teddy bear, and especially prevent her from falling down in real life. The book also shows friendship between Bobo and the other animals. P Veerakamolmal,Boston, MA, USA

Bobo fans rejoice! The lovable chimp from Hug is back in Jez Alborough's latest book Tall. Alborough's artwork is wonderful, and Bobo's facial expressions are just as endearing as they were in Hug. Tall is a delightful book for young children; and anyone who's a child at heart will find this book hard to resist. Like Hug, Tall is the kind of book worth passing to the next generation. Justin Gaines "Corporate Rocker", Atlanta, GA

My 3 yr old daughter and I love this book so much. this is the first book that she can read and spell and remember quickly the words because it repeat again and again my daughter start remember the word without she realize it. J Crawford

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