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AUTHOR VISITS (for Children or Adults)

Talks for Children

I like to fit in school visits when I can because it’s a chance for me to meet teachers, parents and of course the children who my books are written for. However, creating new books takes up a lot of my time and so visits have to be fitted around workload and schedules. This, along with the amount of requests I receive means that I’m unable to honour each invitation. What I will promise is that I’ll reply to every request to let you know I have received it. Every request is kept on record; when I have a slot for a visit I look up possible destinations, maybe combining two in one area to save on travel costs. If your invitation comes up trumps I will e- mail you again to make arrangements for a visit. If you’d like to invite me to do an author visit please use the form below.

Sid's Classroom

Talks for Adults

For adult talks, as well as reading from my books I can share with you the whole process of how a book is created from the first idea to the finished artwork. I’m as interested as anyone in the great mystery of how these books come about and it is this fascination which informs my talks. Question and Answer sessions are always welcome at these visits. Again, if you’d like to invite me to visit please use the form below.

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