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Readers Say Creating the Book Duck in the Truck


Duck Driving

Alborough’s text is perfect for reading out loud and the mix of close-up and panoramic illustrations give an animated, live-action feel. Junior Magazine

Alborough's pictures are addictive, combining graphic simplicity with rich painterly qualities. Rhyming stories run the risk of sounding forced and stale. When the quest for a rhyme dominates an author’s concerns the dramatic nature of the text can become flat and lifeless. Duck in the Truck is a book where rhyme, illustration, wit and inventiveness combine to produce outstanding quality. Times Educational Supplement

Another sure-fire hit from the wonderful Jez Alborough. Young Book Trust

With a nod to Doctor Suess and a wink to John Burningham Jez Alborough - using simple words, repetition, rhyme and rhythm - delivers an irresistible lesson in storytelling which is hugely entertaining. Duck’s red shopping laden truck gets stuck in the muck and it takes the efforts of Frog, Sheep and Goat with a rope and a motorboat to see Duck safely on his way. The illustrations in comic strip format are colourful, arresting and bursting with action so providing a complete storyline without recourse to the words. This book encompasses a whole host of reading lessons cleverly embedded in a fun vehicle for beginning readers. Child Education