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Readers Say Creating the Book Sssh! Duck


Sssh! Baby Sleeps

Duck is back, causing his usual mix of innocent chaos. Duck reminds me very much of the guest who has never had children and so doesn’t realise how precious the time when baby is asleep is. And there are always people fascinated by the baby’s toys and possessions even though they are grown up! Perceptive stuff, which makes it warm and funny throughout. From Bump to Grump

This is the seventh title in the popular series and young fans, especially those with younger brothers and sisters, will love it. Junior Magazine

As a creature who is used to being the centre of attention Duck is not best pleased to be playing second fiddle to a baby, but Goat insists that baby’s needs must come first so Duck will have to wait before going out for his drive. Another slapstick adventure featuring the well meaning but cantankerous duck - with a pop up surprise at the end that will also strike a chord for anyone with a small baby in the house. Newbury Times

Ssssh! Duck Don’t Wake the Baby is everything we’ve come to expect from Jez Alborough. Will Duck be able to keep quiet while the baby sleeps? A laugh a minute tale with a pop up surprise.  Creative Steps