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Readers Say Creating the Book Tall


Bobo Climbing Onto StoneWonderfully expressive illustrations present a gentle tale about self acceptance. Children will love the vibrant, detailed images of jungle animals and immediately identify with Bobo and the range of emotions he explores on his adventure. Reading Time (Australia)

This is picture book making at its best. Again Jez Alborough has managed to convey a story that is funny, exciting, scary subtle and witty in pictures and using only five words. Remarkable. Lucinda Jacob

This is the art of the picture book pared down to its essentials and is far harder to pull off than a conventional story. Alborough is a master of economy - verbal and visual texts are seamlessly integrated in this wonderful book. Magpie Magazine

Alborough may have used only five words but there is enough colour and energy in his story to make you pick it up again and again. Junior

Bobo, the chimp who searched for his very own embrace in the tender Hug, is back with a new quest in mind. In spite of the spare text (there are five words in all), Bobo embodies an impressive range of identifiable emotions. Alborough's adept pen-and-gouache illustrations make each feeling and point of view crystal clear through everything from slumped shoulders to delighted outstretched arms. Even the chimp's brief moments of woe are less self-pitying than simply glum. A must-have title for any children who have ever felt less than enchanted with their diminutive status. Elizabeth Bird, New York Public Library Copyright © Reed Business Information. All rights reserved

Just right for sharing with little ones who wish they were taller, this story about Bobo the chimp reassures as well as entertains. Bobo's wishing-to-grow pains will ring true with small children, and the repetition of a few simple words, set off in speech balloons, will encourage group participation. Diane Foote Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved.