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Reviews Say Creating the Book Duck in the Truck


DIT Sheep in Mud

5 Stars Duck in the Truck is fun to read aloud and even the youngest of listeners is carried along with the rhythm of the text. It was the first book of any length that absorbed my one year old, while at the same time the humour appeals to my four year old. The story is complete - it has a beginning, a middle and an end. The pictures have lots in them, both at first sight and after the endless repetition that goes with reading to very young children! And, almost best of all for the adult reader, all is not sweetness and light with the characters' behaviour. There is something to talk about with your older listeners. By A Customer

5 Stars I borrowed this from the library for my son (nearly 2), kept hiding it with the intention of taking it back but after the tantrums when he couldn't find "Duck" I gave in and bought it. He loves the pictures and the rhymes and is starting to finsh our sentences as we go through it. Caroline, Hampshire, England

5 Stars This was one of my son’s first books when he was 4 months old, and he still loves it now he is almost 3. He loves the rhythm and will join in with the reading. He knows every word of it just like his dad and I! A lovely, funny and bright book spurring me on to order the others in the series.
A Customer

5 Stars What a fantastic book. My 2 year old is riveted to this book and the way it rhymes. It didnt take long before she knew all the words and joined in with the book. Sorry no skipping pages in this book, they notice! She understands the pictures and what they are saying to her. It is such a good book that we bought the whole series and she loves them. "katyhatcat"

5 Stars This is a perfect book for toddlers as the writing reads aloud beautifully. My daughter is captivated by the text and by the illustrations. I think the presence of so much muck make it very appealing to the 18 mths to 3 yr age group. I will definitely buy more of this author after reading this book.  By A Customer

5 Stars The animal characters are drawn with humor and expression. The book would be a great choice for emerging readers since the illustrations and rhymes support the beginning reader. The storyline is presented in frames on some pages which would help with sequencing and retelling also. Camille "at the BookMoot!", Katy, TX

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