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Super Duck

5starsThis one is possibly the best, or at least tied in first place with Fix It Duck...a superlative riot from beginning to end. Highly recommended. D. Thurgood, Liverpool, UK

5stars This book has done the trick for us. It appeals to all ages. It has the animals and the sound effects (swoosh, crack, bump etc.) that toddlers love. It is comical to my [...] daughters, as the bossy duck is cute in his ideas for retreiving the ball, and ultimately is shut down with a YOU'RE OUT! It also teaches them the value of every team member. It appeals to me, because I get a chuckle out of an A type personality exhibited in a duck and the other group dynamics which we see in play groups everywhere! The little frog is run over in the beginning because of his size, but he plays 2 very important roles later on in the book. P.S. Using different animal sounding voices has really been entertaining as well! Sydelle, Charlotte, NC, USA

5stars We were just waiting for what Duck would do next... Duck at his best, we laughed so much we cried! Another book in the duck series well worth a purchase in our opinion. Gaynor

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