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Readers Say Creating the Book Hit the Ball Duck


HTBD - Ball in Tree

A really great story, the best Duck book so far. Duck, Goat, frog and Sheep go to the park to play ball, but soon their ball gets stuck in a tree. They throw the bat up, but that gets stuck too. Their attempts to retrieve the bat and ball are tense and eventful as well as being simple enough for a child to follow easily. The neat, straightforward rhyming couplets have an immediacy and urgency that draw you into the character’s adventures and the best thing of all is the way Duck and his friends relate to each other - their friendship really rings true. The Guardian

This hits the mark with a zippy story about teamwork, friendship and the pure fun of outdoor play. Copley News Service

...shows that teamwork is essential and that even the smallest member of a team can play a very important role in the game. Through the Looking Glass

The rhyming couplets are a joy to read aloud. Oxford Times

Rollicking fun story and animated illustrations will have younger children laughing and cheering for these friends , their teamwork and the funny surprise ending. Times Herald–Record