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Readers Say Creating the Book Super Duck


Super Duck Crash

A natural read-aloud choice. Booklist

One of the best anti–heroes of all time is back – this time hoping to fly a kite. Unfortunately when the wind does finally arrive, Frog gets swept away. Can Super Duck and his friends save frog? Perfect read out loud bedtime reading. Angels and Urchins

With the irrepressible spirit of Donald and Daffy, the indomitable Duck is back in a new reincarnation as self-appointed Super Duck. Yet despite donning the prerequisite red cape and mask Super Duck finds himself in a characteristic tangle this time as he tries to rescue Frog who gets blown away in a kite. The rhyming text trips along at a lively pace complemented by a mix of comic strip-style images that give an animated feel to the story. And it perfectly matches the rising mayhem that always seems to follow Duck on all his adventures. A fun and playful story – for once Duck really does prove to be the hero of the day, even if he is more like an accidental one. A delightful sequel to the million selling Duck. Junior Magazine

Can Super Duck save the day? Superheroes never tire children and Jez Alborough’s comical creation is a super must for all young readers. This is a poetically versed book that begs to be read out loud with belly laughs galore. And as I often get into character when reading these books to my children I can see I’m going to have a fun time mimicking Super Duck’s voice. Thanks Jez! South Wales Argus

5.0 out of 5 stars "Super Duck" is the latest in a series of humorous "Duck" books written and illustrated by Jez Alborough for children ages 3-7. Filled with wonderful colorful pictures of Duck and his friends Goat, Sheep, and Frog, "Super Duck" is a fast-paced tale of the well-intentioned hero Duck who comes to the rescue of his friends and their flyaway kite. The cartoon-like illustrations leap and expand beyond their frames in a thoroughly loveable, enticing way. The rhyming couplets also help to keep the pace and interest at key pitch. "Super Duck" is a fable of gentle friendship, punctuated with joy and delight. Unlike some super heroes, Super Duck sometimes fails, but he keeps trying with the help of his friends! "Super Duck" will be a favorite read-aloud book for its generation. Midwest Book Review