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Reviews Say Creating the Book Hello Beaky


Beaky Trots

The Author's Best Book! This is a great story for reading out loud to children from age range 3 - 6. The first time I read this to my son it was a borrowed library book. We loved the book so much that I purchased a copy to read again and again. Although he is too old for it now, I have kept the book to read to the 3-4 year olds at the Preschool where I work, and these children love the story too. I cannot recommend it enough, and the illustrations are delightful. The ending will bring tears to your eyes! E. Delia, Derby, England

One of My Son's Favourites We have several books by Jez Alborough, bought on the back of the brilliant "Some Dogs Do". All of them are fantastic, great stories and illustrations. "Hello Beaky" is one of the best, telling the story of a little chick which comes out of an egg which has fallen from a tree, who embarks on a journey to find out what kind of creature he is. My son requests this book regularly at bedtime (and he has literally dozens of books to choose from), and I am always delighted to read it to him. Highly recommended. Foxy "MF", UK

"You Haven't Told Me What You Are" A lovely story about finding your place in the world. It is funny, moving and beautifully drawn. Moley75, London