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Reviews Say Creating the Book Colour-Ins Paint a Chick Six Little Chicks


The Big Bad Fox

A Classic Picture Book Bright, colourful illustrations by Jez Alborough accompany this repetitive, rhyming story. Great fun and I can't wait to try it out. Book Chatter, UK

Quirky and Fun For Your Little Ones Six Little Chicks, some farm animals and a crafty fox in this wonderful story by Jez Alborough. It has some wonderful rhyming language, some great refrains and of course illustrations that match the storytelling style beautifully. Add to this some smart thinking, different animals banding together and a wonderful outcome all in, and this is a story that many people will enjoy reading time and again to their children. Don't be surprised if this becomes a firm favourite and of course remember to encourage your Young Reader to join in to get the most from it. Gareth Wilson, Falcata Times Blog

A lovely picture story book for our toddler aged 3, although it would suit a younger child there is a bad fox in it. There are good clear and colourful pitures. Repetitive words for ease of story telling and for a child to join in. When the big bad fox pocks his nose into the hut he gets his comeupance. Sookie B, Surrey, England