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Readers Say Creating the Book Colour-Ins Paint a Chick Six Little Chicks


The Big Bad Fox

A typically lively and humorous affair from Alborough with clever rhyming text and dynamic character illustrations. Can the cute little chicks escape the evil clutches of the big red fox? Will the sixth chick ever break out of his shell? A witty tale with a surprise ending that is bound to raise a giggle. Junior Magazine

Jez Alborough’s Six Little Chicks raises infant heartbeats with a predatory fox, who is unexpectedly defeated by five irrepressible, high-kicking chicks. Dramatic, funny and illustrated in Alborough’s bold, bright style, it’s a winner for children aged 2+. The Times

Jez Alborough gives Chick Lit a good name. This is a safe Easter choice... The big, unpretentious illustrations are guaranteed to deliver a scary thrill as the fox comes far too close for comfort. The book has a bright, jolly and yet predatory feel. The chicks are intensely yellow and the fox has fearsome green eyes – dreaming of a snappy Easter. The Guardian

Easter wouldn’t be right without a few chicks and eggs and Jez Alborough has come up trumps with Six Little Chicks. Beautiful illustrations and a bouncy rhyming text tell the story of a watchful mother hen and a hairy, scary fox. Sunday Express

This beautifully illustrated, rhyming tale uses repetition of words and movements that small children will love to mimic. Booktrust

With the Easter celebration soon to be with us, this charming heart warming tale will delight children, as it is full of bright artwork telling us about the funny energy fuelled story of six courageous chicks. South Wales Evening Post