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Watch Out Big Bro on Stone

5 Stars My three year old grandson, then two, loved the excitement waiting for Big Bro. Because of the wonderful stories and comfortable illustrations by Jez Alborough, we have enjoyed and memorized other titles such as the "My Friend Bear" series.
Barbara Day, North Little Rock, AR USA

5 Stars This is a great childrens book. A ryhming story with plenty of opportunity for parents to act the part of the animals. The large format and glorious colour drawings add the final touch! I think I enjoy this book as much as my children do! By A Customer

5 Stars This is just the best children's book. The illustrations are funny and very attractive, and the story is good, but the best bit is the chance for the children to join in. They stretch out their arms just like the animals and say "This big," shake their heads, say "Shh," "boo" and all sorts of other things. It's fun for adults to read, but more importantly, children to choose over and over again. Mrs. J. A.Smith

5 Stars Brilliant! A great favourite for all ages, This book is beautifully illustrated and has a neat little ending. This was my son's favourite book at the tender age of 5, and it has proved to be a big hit with my 2 year old daughter too. Excellent. Buy it! Michael Cameron, Cardiff, United Kingdom

5 Stars Alborough has likely Caldecott candidate in "Big Bro". Lively illustrations in bright colors, combined with an engaging and increasingly aniticipatory text, make Jez Alborough's Watch Out! Big Bro's coming! an excellent candidate for a Caldecot nod. Especially note-worthy is Alborough's use of varying perspective to enhance the reader's feeling of escape into the story. When little bro' comes running back toward his frightened friends who are hiding in the jungle underbrush, we are looking out from our hiding spot as well.
A fine book, and one which breaks from the current trend of picture books aimed more for adult buyers than juvenile readers. I read this for story hour the day I received it and the toddler crowd loved it. Highly recommended. By A Customer

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