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Cuddly Dudley - Penguins Run

Cuddly Dudley is a dramatically powerful and moving story of Dudley, a penguin who leaves his brothers and sisters in search of a cuddle-free environment. The twistedly marvellous ending gives the story a romantic and comical finish. The book is an all out thriller that leaves you screaming with pleasure. It's a rollercoaster in literature. You can't put the book down! It's a masterpiece! By A Customer

A wonderful, warm and amusing book, This is just one of Jez Alborough’s fantastic children’s books. Cuddly Dudley is enjoyable for adults to read, so your children enjoy the book more. It is terribly funny, I nannied for Danny, aged then 2 years. And we spent many happy hours reading this book. All ages will find it enjoyable to read. It still brings a smile to my face. A truly wonderful book to share with your children.
We all have Dudley days. This is a simple story which is as enjoyable to read as to hear. The wording is simple and clearly printed, so making it an ideal book for the child who is learning to read. This book is so popular in our household it is on my daughters wish-list and she is 38yrs old! By A Customer

… as you read about the cuddly penguin Dudley, you get an opportunity to cuddle your own children at the end of almost each line! and I have a confession to make - not only do my kids love the book, I too have declared it to be my favorite book! NS "Namita", NJ, USA

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