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5 stars Chuckle Fun This is the funniest book and the perfect opportunity for using your best funny voices. My little boy loves this! I would recommend it to anyone with children. Sheryl Collier

5 stars A very happy grandson This was a stocking filler for my grandson, because he's continuously taking it out of the library. When he opened it he went berserk. A copy of his own. If you could see his face that would tell you how good this book is. Maffled "Mick H", Hertfordshire

5 stars A big hit! My 22month old daughter adores this book, I wasn't sure at first if it would be her cup of tea but it clearly is! Her favourite part being when the animals want to ride on the tractor again, they ask the sheep and plead 'P-L-E-A-S-E' - my daughter now calls this book 'Tractor pleeeeaaassse' - definately a big hit at bedtime in our house! Highly recommended! LittleMiss1980

Great fun My 3.5 year-old son (who has a bit of a tractor obsession) just loves this book, and my husband loves reading it to him too. It's very clever, and the pictures are great. It also gives lots of opportunities for discussing farm animals and the noises they make. Since finding it in the library to start with, I've bought 3 copies to give away as Christmas presents. [A] cracking read for little ones. Julie Brazier, Durham, UK

Bought this for my 20 month old tractor obsessed grandson. He absolutely loves it, especially the big, bold illustrations with the comical faces of the animals. He has other books about tractors, but this is definitely his favourite. He never tires of hearing the story - with sound effects!! NoreenW

Great Book This is a great book. My son is 3 years old and loves it. He insists on reading some of the parts himself and loves it at the end so wants it again. It has taken a little explaining that this is an imaginary journey, but with the simple text and bold and bright illustrations, this is something that is easy to grasp. Gareth Lloyd, Munich, Germany