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Guess What Happened At School TodayAny child who has grown up with and enjoyed Jez Alborough’s lively picture books is bound to enjoy this collection of verse. Each poem relates the events at school as seen through the eyes of different pupils. The rhymes are often hilarious, they set up a pace and rhythm which makes us want to discover more of the outrageous events of the day - as well as subtly establishing individual voices. Waterstone’s Magazine

This captivating collection of poems describes all the little things that make schooldays special and each poem is accompanied by by bright and bold collage illustrations.  Junior Education

Vividly brings to life a typical day at school with a whole cast of children. Illustrated with colourful torn paper collages in large picture book format this is aimed at younger children than Alan Ahlberg’s Please Mrs Butler and seems a fit companion title to sit on the shelf. 
Children’s Bookseller

Good on what school feels like from a child’s perspective, Alborough’s poems are also effortlessly easy to read. J. Eccleshare

A worthy challenger to Please Mrs Butler, bold and brashly illustrated this larger format poetry book has all the clamour, and suppressed laughter, the small anxieties of school life caught in between its pages. The Telegraph