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Readers Say Creating the Book Colour-Ins Look Out Leon!


Look Out Leon - There's A Crocodile

5 StarsThis story about a young chameleon is enjoyable and amusing and the simple pull-out devices work well. Children can pull the tabs to change colours and make eyes move. It also provides a context for the child and sharing adult to explore a number of interesting themes. An important one is about protecting yourself against danger: the crocodile, the hippopotamus and the snake, all looking deliciously predatory, are on the look-out for a young vulnerable creature to devour. Leon’s father shows him how to exploit his ability to change colour to disguise himself in different backgrounds and landscapes; and so the fascinating concept of camouflage is introduced. But the book is also about the challenge of finding out who you are in a sometimes dangerous and puzzling world.

Like most good books introducing notions of danger to the very young, this one ends reassuringly: Leon and his father are ‘safe inside their cosy cave’ looking at the sky as it changes from sunset hues to the gold and inky blue of night time. The pictures are robust with a coherent line and attractive bold palette, and good use is made of print variation, so that narrative text and speech are distinguished. Jez Alborough resists the temptation to call his book ‘Leon the Chameleon’ and leaves it to the reading adult to decide if and when to name concepts like ‘predator’ and ‘camouflage’. Books For Keeps

This is an absolutely delightful book that will be enjoyed by all children, especially those with an interest in animals. The story follows Leon the chameleon as he learns to use his skills to blend in with a few mishaps along the way. Written by the hugely talented and award winning author and illustrator Jez Alborough parents can be assured this fantastic book is both educational and entertaining.

The cover title gives the reader an excellent insight into the story. We watch Leon as he ventures into the jungle trying to avoid being eaten for lunch and wondering who is watching him now?

The illustrations are fantastic and the push pull flaps were absolutely brilliant. Children can see how a chameleon uses his skills to “blend” and we also see the many colours and textures of the jungle through the artful illustrations throughout the book. In addition to the tabs, children can also rotate flaps and it allows them not only to physically interact with the text, but also to develop their manual dexterity as well.

The use of repetition throughout means children can easily pick up the language of the text which means they can be active rather than passive readers. Alborough has also used a mix of font sizes which are excellent signposts for parents regarding how to read the post with increased volume on occasion!

This book is a great addition to our family library and will make for an excellent birthday present on up coming occasions. Kids Book Review