'Heaven’s Holding a Half Moon’

‘Jung the Foreman Prayed at Work...’

‘Make Me a Deal, and Make it Straight!’

‘At the Back of the Holy Temple’

‘Angry Tears Are Too Dear, You Won’t Let Them Go’

‘Watch Out! You Might Get What You’re After'

‘There’s a Killer on the Road’

'Words are Flowing Out Like Endless Rain into a Paper Cup'

5 - Kid
‘Angry Tears Are Too Dear, You Won’t Let Them Go’


The perfect pop song - great walking bassline, jangling guitars, beautifully crafted twangy solo and Chrissie Hynde’s wonderful vibrato-laden voice.


The subject is very odd for a pop song, the record of an intimate and emotional exchange between a mother and daughter. Apparently Chrissie Hynde once explained that it is about a prostitute talking to her only child, who has just found out her mum’s ‘profession‘. But as with all good songs - you don’t really need to know that - the lyrics are left open and it’s broad enough for the listener to put their own meaning into it. I find it a very human and heartfelt song which, unusually, explores a difficult area of relationship that arises with a child - normally it would be with a lover.


Looking at the video of Chrissie Hynde now I’d forgotten what charisma she has – one of the original rock chicks who, unlike Blondie’s Debbie Harry, never quite got as much recognition as she deserved.




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