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HUG Bobo and Ellie

I was overwhelmed by the response to Hug - a selection of the 58 five star reviews on Amazon reviews follows. For balance, I've also included the two bad reviews! Jez

5 Stars When my husband and I first "read" this book it brought tears to our eyes. We thought we were just being overly emotional in those first few sleep-deprived days after coming home from the hospital with our newborn daughter - but nearly one year later, it still has the same effect! We started reading Hug to our daughter when she was just 3 months old. We were amazed when, at 8 months, she started pointing to the pictures and getting excited each time she saw baby monkey Bobo. While she showed interest in other board books, nothing captivated her in the same way that Hug did. At first, she simply seemed to enjoy the jungle animals, but we were surprised at how quickly she seemed to fully understand Bobo's plight, mock crying as he sat on his rock and cried, and squealing with joy as Mummy monkey finally swings into sight.

I can't help thinking that this masterful and enchanting book has actually helped our daughter to develop her emotional awareness, while having fun at the same time. I would strongly recommend this book to every new parent! Anna's Mom, Oman

5 Stars Required Reading for All New Parents! I made the mistake of reading this book for the first time while holding our three month old daughter and I got tears all over her (instead of the other way around!). This is the sweetest, best book and I just love it. So does our girl (I suspect she thinks the corners are very tasty). I actually wrote a letter to the author thanking him for such a perfect gem of a loving book - sometimes now when I am running frazzled and feeling out of sorts I'll just look at my husband and yell "HUG" and we laugh and I get a hug and eveything is better. Bobo and Mommy rock! Buy this book!!! "juliajoelucy", Florida

5 Stars As an educator I could launch into the value this book has in building emergent literacy, because the words are simple and sparse, and the illustrations are big and beautiful. Everything I could say about these things would be accurate and would make this book a great choice for your personal collection at home. However, that would overlook the more important truth, which is that everyone I show this book to just falls in love with it. From the tiniest children to the most esteemed elders, everyone is simply enchanted. There is something so universal about the situation of wanting to be close to our most loved ones that is so tenderly captured in these remarkably intuitive scenes. The fact that readers have the ability to personalize the tale with their own ad-libbing makes the story perfect for my little one, who never fails to feel concern for Bobo's plight, and tremendous reassurance in the knowledge that the missing Mommy always comes back to her beloved baby. It is a perfect book for snuggling down to sleep, and in my house it practically guarantees sweet dreams. By A Customer

5 Stars This is a fantastic picture book First, in its simplicity of language, for there are only three words in this story. But that doesn't mean that it is less than any other picture book. Quite the contrary, the incredibly expressive characters, especially our main character, Bobo, are illustrated with complete heart and soul. Bobo's quest for a hug is truly heartbreaking at times, yet the final hug is the epitome of happiness and comfort. Children will have a great time identifying all the animals and watching a friendship develop between Bobo and the elephants. If you hug your own kid everytime someone in the story hugs, you will have a great time, too!
N Welz "nickarl", East Lansing, MI, United States

5 Stars Gorgeous book open to individual interpretation A wonderful book which relies on pictures and just one word 'hug' to tell the story - the reader can fill in the rest and make it different every time. It also gives the opportunity to let the story develop with the listener as they grow. Deceptively simple. L Spark, Cambodia

5 StarsToddlers love it I bought this book after reading many good reviews for it, however I still had my doubts how any book with just 1 word could be that good. I am glad I listened to the reviews - my daughter loves it. We have the board version of this book and it feels and looks beautiful. I would recommend it highly. P Dickson, Surrey

5 StarsA must have for any childs library My husband bought this for our two year old and she is in love with it. I love reading it to her too. The pictures and contents are so well done and a pleasure for any age to read. Highly recommend it for any age - a new classic!
By Oh Fiddly Sticks

5 Stars I first saw this book a few months back and thought it looked good, but lacked imagination. How wrong could I be? Seeing it again I decided to buy it for my 15 month old daughter who now delights in shouting out Bobo (the main character) whenever the book is seen. The story is simple, extremely touching, and has some excellent illustrations that convey genuine emotions throughout. She already has a collection of over 30 books, but this by far her favourite, Spot the Dog and Elmer are feeling neglected in comparison. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to buy a gift for a baby/toddler as they will love it. thehollowspy

5 StarsSimplicity at its best This book will melt your heart and delight your children. Through wonderfully expressive illustrations Jez Alborough has given Bobo's word 'Hug! a hundred different meanings. This rings true with anyone whose little'un is steadfastly sticking to a one-word vocabulary! If you like beautiful pictures, children, and hugs, get this book and enjoy.
By A Customer

5 Stars My son (who is 2) loves this book. He likes to 'read' the text, which is largely the word "hug," which appears many, many times. ("Mommy" and "Bobo" also appear.) The art work is cute, but the simplicity of the eternal story of the child/parent bond is what makes this story shine. There are books that use many more words that fail to capture the beauty of that bond nearly as well as this book. I recommend it to parents of toddlers, up to age 3. Tall is Bobo's continuing saga, and is also sweet. C Gruver

5 Stars I don't know what it is about this book since the only words written in it are "Hug", "Bobo" and "Mama" but my very verbal and very avid 22 month old reader love this book. I make up the story as I think it plays out by the illustrations and she adores the book. We read it at least a dozen times at each sitting. A Zimmerman "anitazim", Missouri

5 Stars My daughter has loved this book since she was 1 yr old (now almost 3yrs old). Since there are no words, it depends on you, as the reader, to make it come alive, but that's easy since the illustrations are so vivid and carve out a very sweet story. Every child I've read this book to loves the story and it's something nearly every age can relate to - you can embellish it to engage whatever age you're reading to. K Liljenquist

5 Stars My son is 18 months old and loves this book. The pages are thick and easy to turn and the illustrations are adorable. My son is pre-verbal and this book is perfect for pointing and grunting. He has spent almost half an hour sitting quietly turning pages over and over. I love this book! Gina Pell, San Francisco

5 Stars I have three kids: 5, 3, and 1 year(s) old. They all love this book and because there isn't really much text, besides the word "hug" they can all read the story. After reading it to them it always gives us a reason to hug....and don't we all need a little reason to do that more?
Rachel, Utah

5 Stars Few childrens' books are as tender and entertaining as this one. Just goes to show that all a kid really needs is a hug from someone they love, in this case Mommy. A monkey is lost in the jungle. As he/she tries to find Mom the reader meets many colorful and fascinating animals. These exotic creatures are a great learning opportunity for younger readers to identify, imitate, even spell the names of each animal. And of course we are treated to a touching reunion with Mom. A simple story, told with tenderness and sincerity.
heathhansn, Lynbrook, NY, USA

5 Stars My now 2 year old niece has had to have this book read to her every since she was about 11 months old. She still loves it to this day! As a matter of fact she loves all the Jez Alborough books with little Bobo in them! Robert Jill Byrd, Peoria, IL

5 Stars The illustrations are amazing! What's great about this book is that because of the limited use of words, a parent can embellish and vary the story each time it's read. It's also nice that the words are illustrated as opposed to written at the bottom of the page in a typestyle. It is SUCH a special book that conveys a sweet, simple message.
Laura Mack,Bedford Hills, NY

5 Stars Hug is one of my all time favorite children's book. I purchased as a gift for a baby shower for my daughter who is expecting her first child. It should be in every child's bookshelf to be read often. Patricia R. Johnson

5 Stars Jez Alborough created a modern classic with Hug, the story of a little chimpanzee named Bobo and his quest for a hug. The book uses just three words (hug, Bobo, and Mommy), and this minimalist approach serves to highlight Alborough's rich artwork. The jungle and the animals Bobo encounters are rich and vibrant, and Bobo's facial expressions tell the story better than words ever could. My wife and I discovered Hug while shopping for a baby gift, and ended up buying a copy ourselves. Now we have a little one of our own, and Hug was the first book I read to him. Hug really is a wonderful book for small children, and makes a great gift for expectant parents. While the smaller board book version is ideal for tiny hands, the larger, 9" by 11" board book is worth seeking out just to appreciate Alborough's artwork on a larger scale. Justin Gaines "Corporate Rocker", Atlanta, GA

5 Stars This book hit a chord for my children and me, even though they were 6 before they first saw it. It is so sweet, perfect for babies, but is precious for those of us who are still children at heart, remembering the importance of our mother's love since babyhood. Give it to all expectant and new mothers you know! L Soria "Cal Gal", California

5 Stars This book is just adorable. The lack of words takes me out of the driver's seat, and leaves my 14-month-old daughter to jabber away with her own version of what's going on. What a great idea. Jennifer and Mia, Portland, OR, United States

5 StarsWhat a WONDERFUL BOOK I recently purchased this book for my toddler and it was an instant hit at our house. It is truly a wonderful book about love, affection, and the bond between parent and child. The illustrations in the book are wonderful and keep my daughter's attention without fail. Since the book arrived at our house, I can't count the number of times I've had a request for the "monkey book". So many board books are far too advanced with too many words for our youngest children, but this one is absolutely perfect. I highly, highly recommend this book for the learning opportunities, imagination opportunities, and best of all...a great hug from your little one. By Mom in Midwest

5 Stars My 2 year old daughter loves this book. Everytime the word hug appears, we hug. She makes all the animal sounds. She finds Bobo and points to herself, she finds the Mommy and points to me. My husband and I tell different stories each time we read it to her so she never tires of the book. I highly recommend it. By A Customer

5 Stars Once again, Alborough does a fantastic job with his child-friendly illustrations. This simple one-word picture book invites preschoolers to read ALONE and takes them on a baby monkey's adventure to find his own mother's 'hug.' Sweet, inviting, and most importantly, an independent read for pre-emergent readers, I highly recommend it to teachers and parents of young children. Kass Patterson, Lakewood, Colorado, USA

5 Stars My [kid] loves, loves, loves this book! We're read it so many times that he actually reads the pages now as soon as I turn them. There are only 3 words in this book, but no more are needed at all. The emotions of little bobo are so enchanting and this book is a MUST for any little one. Sure to be a classic. By A Customer

5 Stars ...after just one read, this is one book he will pull out from the shelf or request by saying hug book. He gets sad along with Bobo in the middle of the book, and he gets so so happy at the end of the book and both the mommies get their hugs. I have to confess, I get a hug whenever anyone gets a hug:-) (Daddy gets hugs too when he reads the book to him). The illustrations are clear, and engaging - you and your child can't help but empathize with all of the wonderfully drawn expressions. This one is a classic! K N Sudha, Saratoga, CA, USA

5 StarsThis book is utterly adorable. Both my three year old daughter and 1 year old son love it. The best part is that since my son was born his nickname was "Bobo" so he thinks this book was written just for him! By A Customer

The Bad Reviews
Bad Book, very bad book I love Jez Alborough books - check out the Where's My Teddy books and Big Bro's Coming - great books. This Hug book really blew though. As usual great pictures but one word throughout the entire book???? How many times can you say "Hug"? On every page? C'mon. My 3 year old needs more words than that and I am usually too tired to have to make them up. Bad Book, very bad book . . . By A Customer

I found this to be a boring and uneventful book My son, who loves books, squirms away when I try to read this book to him. I don't blame him. By A Customer Back to top

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