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Readers Say Creating the Book Hug


Bobo Walks

Most of my life is now spent reading to my two year old son. This is his favourite book – about a homesick monkey. Classic family drama with a happy ending and exotic African locations. Holds up well next to Jez’s other masterpieces. Richard Curtis

A book for anyone who has ever felt they needed a hug. The Guardian

A fantastic picture book. Baby & You

An almost wordless picture book that is guaranteed to give pleasure to even the youngest child. Carousel

This is possibly one of the most irresistible books you’ll encounter this year. Alborough’s beautiful picture book will make a very special gift for adults too! Book People

From the warm golden cover to the animal grins at the end Alborough’s simplicity results in another gem. School Library Journal, US

Beautifully illustrated story of a baby chimp looking for love. A must for the very young. Almost wordless, the expressions tell their own story. Heartwarming. The Sunday Mirror

The simplicity and brilliant line cannot fail to raise a smile. Sonia Benster