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5 Stars Bobo returns! If you've not met before, please introduce your little ones to him. A lesson in telling a story through pictures. A few years on from my family's introduction to Bobo (my eldest is now 6), I was thrilled to see a NEW BOBO BOOK!!! Just in time for my 5-month old to be introduced to the cheeky, loveable gorilla.

Saying that, it was the six-year-old who wanted to read this with me at bedtime. We talked about how the story is told through the pictures more than the words, and narrated the story together, looking at the scenes and what the faces were telling us. It was a lovely experience with an older child.

These stories are just perfect for very young children, and evidently - older ones too!

Play uses more words than any of the other Bobo stories, a slightly enlarged vocabulary to tell the story of Bobo not wanting to go to bed, but just to stay up and play with his friends. Bobo hasn't changed over the years, he looks just the same and children will relate to the toddler they see in him.

A lot is told through the pictures and it's very easy to 'read' the illustrations, the faces, the scenery, to know what is happening and how characters are feeling. Beautifully drawn, the jungle is cartoon-like but a friendly place, Bobo a very sympathetic hero and the ending a warm and expected one. My son saw it coming and we both laughed.

We love Jez Alborough - another book to treasure and read repeatedly. K.J. Noyes

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5 StarsWhat can I say? This book was just TOO CUTE!!! Beautifully illustrated that tells such a cute and funny story in very few words. Play is about a little monkey who just wants to play.. play, play, play – even when Mummy says stay, he wants to play – and of course he wanders off like little kids do – so it’s an adventure to try and get home to his Mummy. The ending was adorable. Highly recommend this as a great kids picture book. Annie (Read3r’z Re-Vu)

Mama Chimp says that it is Bobo's bedtime but Bobo isn't ready to go to sleep - he wants to play. So, he sneaks out of bed, not once but twice. However, when it starts to get dark and his friends go to sleep, Bobo is scared and wants his mummy. A passing pelican provides a happy ending for this delightful book by award-winning children's author, Jez Alborough.

This situation in this story will strike a chord with many children - and their parents. Like the other books that feature Bobo ('Hug', 'Tall' and 'Yes'), the text is kept to a minimum with much of the story told by the engaging pictures. This makes it suitable for very young children as well as those who are just learning to read and want to tackle a 'real' book rather than a reader. Penny Guy (Bookrapt)


Bobo the chimp is back. This time he doesn't want to go to bed; he wants to play! I love how these books accurately portray toddler behavior in very few works and expressive pictures. Jennifer

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