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Bobo on Turtle

Bobo — the baby chimp in the previous epics Hug, Tall and Yes — is back in Jez Alborough’s simple, moving story about bravery and home. ...expect small children to ask for this tale on repeat. The Times

Another delightful picture book from a master story-teller and artist - perfect for every little monkey's bedtime. Carousel 67

Bobo the chimp (of Hug fame) returns in a story for every little monkey that doesn't want to go to bed. The Bookseller

Play, written and beautifully illustrated by Jez Alborough is part of a series of books featuring Bobo the chimp. This new work tells the tale of the inquisitive ape’s adventures at bedtime. When most chimps should be safely tucked up in their snug treetop beds, Bobo is having none of it. He wants to play... This lovely book is an ode to play and childhood curiosity but also a gentle caution that, while adventures are fun, sometimes it’s best to listen to mum. The Fountain

Turtle says 'Bedtime'