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5 Stars A Great Discovery for a Toddler. At 18-21 months my son was at the point where he wasn't able to figure out how to communicate his needs with other people using his words. He'd get frustrated and shove or bite because he couldn't find two very helpful words -- Yes and No. He was enthralled with the idea of understanding that Bobo the baby monkey could express himself using just those two words, and the storyline feeds off of a toddler's wish for some independence and freedom of choice. (I don't think the mother abandons Bobo, as written in a prior review. I think the illustrations clearly show her watching from behind some brush on the beach as Bobo plays with her friends. I think Mom was giving her child time to sort out her fit.) Anyway by 23 months, all the shoving and biting had ended. He now clearly knows yes and no. And when we read this book before bedtime, he knows it's time for bed. But he stills smirks when Bobo says "No!" to his mother. He identifies with that emotion. And I don't think expressing that kind of frustration is wrong or disrespectful. Dana G. Williams, Savoy, IL

A Wonderful Story. I purchased this book back in January and it quickly became the favorite of one of my students. It is a good one for demonstrating the daily tussles between parent and child, esp. when the child is tired and doesn't want to do what the parent knows the child needs to do (go to sleep).

Books with no or little text are excellent avenues for exploring whatever is pertinent to the caregiver-child relationship. You can use whatever words the child needs to hear/learn. The use of simple words with reduplicated syllables (Bobo, the little chimp's name and Mama) allows even children with limited verbal abilities to participate orally. Jez Alborough's illustrations are vibrant, full of energy and humor. Cheryll L. Nelson, Union Grove, WI

5 Stars This is the second book by Jez Alborough that I bought in a near by bookstore in Brookline MA. The first time I read this book to my 1.8 years old, I thought "oh oh" because, like an earlier reviewer mentioned, Bobo monkey obviously said 'no' several times. Fast forward several weeks after having read this book to my child almost every night, it offers my child an option to say 'no' at times and allow us to enter into a productive (allow you to detect an objection before the child starts crying or being passive aggressive) negotiation. Being a toddler with limited means of communication is not easy. Knowing how to use 'no' as this book demonstrates will give a child a way to express objection. This book teaches a child to express and detect emotions (when friends are being playful or Bobo's mom is angry) that is important in a relationship. P Veerakamolmal "Joe Lin", Boston, MA, USA

As a first grade teacher and a parent of two young children, I think this book and Jez Alborough's other Bobo books, Hug and Tall are great for building confidence in beginning readers. I recommend them not just as read-alouds, but as first easy-to-read texts, similar to Spot. I checked out Yes, Hug, and Tall from the library and read them first to my own children. They loved them. My 4-year-old quickly figured out the simple text and read all 3 books on her own many times. She was so excited - reading to every member of the family and giving everyone kisses! I then took them to school and shared them with my first graders, many of whom are struggling readers. The class loved the books, too. My previous non-readers, including a couple of English language learners, borrowed the books whenever they had free time and would enthusiasticly read them over and over again. Not only did they get good practice with several sight words, they more importantly found confidence as readers for the first time. Getting struggling readers to feel confident and excited about reading is truly half the battle. I was so excited about my class's and my daughter's reactions to these books that I immediately ordered all three from The other first grade teachers in my building borrowed the books from me and had a similar experience. C. Williams, Seattle, WA

My son loves this book. My son received the Hug book for a gift and LOVED IT. I enjoyed making up a various stories to go along with the pictures. I purchased TALL as a special Christmas present to share with my little boy. The series is terrific, simple story lines, great pictures, easy to read with a little one. Great book. I do think HUG is slightly better :) Courtney Sevey, Kailua Kona, HI

Alborough is my favorite for toddlers. Jez makes the most charming children's books but his series with Bobo the monkey is just too clever. Jez makes a book with one word, really draws you into his illustrations and allows the reader to bring imagination to the story telling by interpreting a little differently each time. This is a must have for any baby/toddler reader. This is a book that grows with your child.
C. Lattimer St. Louis, MO

Bobo Night Night. We read Tall and Hug before bed every night and my two year old twins love Bobo. Each child likes to pretend to FALL! into Mommy's arms before going to sleep. I believe they feel safe knowing Mommy is there for them. Googhie

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