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Bobo Says No

The vocabulary of this book runs to only eight words but it doesn’t reflect the depth of this affectionately familiar tale of a young creature not wanting to go to bed. A brilliant book for the very young, they will see themselves (and their mothers) reflected. The limited vocabulary also encourages the very young to engage with the story. The Book Magazine

Jez Alborough’s cute little chimpanzee is back with another simple, visually rich story. Here Bobo is enjoying bathtime in the lake far too much to go to bed. There are more shouts of ‘no’ rather than ‘yes’ – until his safari friends arrive for a splasharound that’s so exciting, Bobo is more than ready for sleep. Romeike

Using only a few words and cartoon-like art, Alborough brings back Bobo the chimp (Hug, 2004) in a not-quite-ready-for-bedtime scenario that will strike a chord with children and grown-ups everywhere. "Bath time, Bobo!" elicits an enthusiastic "Yes!" But bedtime brings a resounding "No!" as well as a case of the sulks and escape to the pond. But some enthusiastic splashing with friends is just the thing to perk Bobo up - and wear him out. Soon it's bedtime for Bobo at last. The text, consisting predominantly of yes and no, appears in word bubbles, and bright gouache pictures, full-page and vertical panels, present lively depictions of expressions and verbal and nonverbal interactions - from Bobo happily playing with friends to being curled up asleep, cozy in his leafy bed. Booklist Shelle Rosenfeld  Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved