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Captain Duck - Frog Skis

5 stars Love this naughty duck to bits. My daughter loves this book... (as do I) ...we read this as one of our regular bedtime books... along with the other books in this Duck series. Superb, funny, well illustrated and a nice hidden lesson in the story. Andy B, N London, UK

5 stars Brillliant, brilliant, brilliant, without a doubt the best childrens pre-school book I've read to my son (aged 4). The rhymes are excellent and it is very very funny. My son loves this and so do I.  Highly recommended megamarble, South Yorks, UK

5 stars This is an outstanding book! When I first read this book to my four year old son, it put a smile on my face and my son kept laughing and asking me to re-read it - which was a first. I had read many books to him before, but this captured his imagination. He takes it with him in the car wherever we go, so he can leaf through it. He has bonded with the animals in the book. The animals are loveable, the duck is wonderfully refreshing, and the illustrations are vibrant and larger than life. I would recommend this highly to any parent looking for a clean, refreshing book for their preschooler. Patty Apostolides, Maryland, USA

5 stars  A book I enjoy reading to my son over and over, This book is really charming. The illustrations are distinctive and clear. There's a nice balance of light and serious themes. The rhyming text is as readable and enjoyable as Dr. Seuss, but not an imitation.
C. Edwards, San Deigo, CA

5 stars Best Children's Book Ever
Ah, now this book is fantastic. Top marks to Jez Alborough for a very funny story with excellent pictures. We all know someone like The Duck, who is a wonderfully caddish character in the style of Terry Thomas. The pace of this book flows very well, it is eye wateringly funny and a real pleasure to read (as are all Mr. Alborough's books). Both adults and children will enjoy this immensely, and it is a great book to end the day with. Enjoy!
Bob Monkhouse

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