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Readers Say Creating the Book Teacher's Notes Captain Duck


Captain Duck with Sheep and Frog

Disaster always seems to strike when Duck’s about. In this, his third misadventure the impetuous Duck forgets about his conked out truck and jumps aboard Goat’s boat. Before Frog and Sheep can stop him he has taken the helm and headed seawards leaving the owner stranded. Alborough’s rhyme is as sure footed as ever and the illustrations are a riot. A great read aloud, the storyline compels you to read it straight through but make sure you draw attention to the comic detail in the pictures and leave the book available for your rapt listeners to explore further.
Books for Keeps

Strong rhymes that children as young as two will love anticipating. The rhyming text and larger than life characters are a joy. Children’s Bookseller

Alborough’s witty rhyme, vivid use of colour, wild imagination and humour are encapsulated in a book that will be read over and over again. Nursery World

Written in the sort of bouncy verse that used to appear under Rupert Bear strips it is packed with energy, colour, and just a taste of danger before arriving at an uproarious ending.
The Independent