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Reviews Say Creating the Book Duck's Key


Duck's Key - Duck Looks Under the Mat

Toddlers will relish this one! This is the shortest and simplest outing I've seen so far of Jez Alborough's popular Duck series, Duck puzzles while Frog directs gleeful asides to the reader in the rhyming text, and the illustrations are as polished and enjoyable as ever.
With more verve than is often found in books of this type, Duck's Key: Where Can It Be? is a fun introduction to Duck for a very young audience (aged about 24 months and up), and an enjoyable coda to the series for his older, die-hard fans. The wide-based flaps of our hard-back version have worn well with solid re-reading. My four-year-old loves 'readng' this on his own, and I've ordered copies for his toddler cousins. Warrigal, Australia

Another firm favourite with father and son. This book is great for 2-4year olds who enjoy rhyme and repetitive text . Once again the illustrations are bold, colourful and amusing and are a delight for children and adults alike.  Bella Blue, Nottingham

My 3 year old loves lift the flap books. We also love Jez Alborough. The combination is great… the drawings have enough detail to warrant repeated reading. It is also pretty sturdy, no flaps have been lost in the first month of reading nightly.
David De Graaf "parent and avid reader", Boston, MA, USA

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