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Readers Say Creating the Book Duck's Key


Duck's Key - Frog in Engine

Duck has lost the key to his truck. Frog has found it and hides it beneath a bush, under the mat and so on. Whenever Duck looks Frog is always, literally, one jump ahead of him through a series of big bright pictures with moveable parts so that the reader can also look under the mat and open the bonnet. Lift the flap books can be dauntingly fragile. This one, printed on heavy duty paper with industrial strength flaps should withstand the most enthusiastic little maulers.
Jan Mark, Carousel Magazine

For its vibrant simplicity this bright and bold open the flap book is irresistible... will continue to delight for many readings. J.Eccleshare, The Guardian

The vibrant primary colors make the story as much fun to follow as the search itself as children lift the flaps to see where the frog is hiding next. Dialogue bubbles in bold print serve as the only text and are terrifically engaging, and the large spreads are great for group viewing. A fun read-aloud.  School Library Journal

 This one from Alborough is a good one, exercising the bean while tickling the bone... The air of mischief is light and fun and the sturdy-paper construction should keep the flaps flapping for many a hard yank. Kirkus Reviews