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Duck on Rood5stars This is one of the few children's stories that I love reading as much as my children. Every adult who's picked this up in our house has laughed out loud at the ending - the twist in the tale makes it extra amusing, but the combination of a funny story, excellent illustrations and the opportunity for even very young children to remember some of the lines makes this one of our favourite books. Highly recommended. Felicity Roberts, London

5stars This was the first Jez Alborough title we bought for our younger granddaughter, who was about 18 months at the time. She loved the story, the rhythm of the words, and the wonderful illustrations. It was her favourite book for a long time and wanted it reading so often that she soon knew the words by heart. I think she enjoyed the 'naughtiness' of the Duck who is always creating havoc for his friends, and also the ending - if you've not read it I won't spoil it for you - which rounds the whole story. Our elder grandaughter, around 3 and a half when we first bought it, also found it great fun and even now, aged 5, will still ask to hear the story. We have since bought nearly all the Duck in the Truck stories, and they are all read time and time again. We even saw our younger granddaughter 'reading' it to her baby doll the other day - sweet. A super present for the little ones. Kate Siddall, Yorkshire

5stars My nearly-3-year old loves this book and had been asking for it for several months before we bought it (from the pictures at the back of others in the series). It was a favourite for weeks on end, and we had to read it every night! (my son now 'reads' it to me; he knows the text by heart!). This, and all the others from the series, are just excellent. Robert's Mummy, Oxfordshire

5stars Top Notch Waterfowl Mayhem. This is one of those books that I knew by heart within a week of owning it. My son (2.5 years when we first found the book) would have no other bedtime book for a long time. And he would shout out Fix-it Duck at the appropiate moments in the story. Duck is one of those over-enthusiastic fellows who sweeps up his friends (Sheep, Goat and Frog) in a whirl of energy and good intentions, but with a never-ending trail of destruction behind him. The story is told in easy-reading rhyme and the pictures are delightful, with plenty of little details to spot (handy for parents on endless repeat readings). Even the illustrations inside the front and back covers add to the story. Pay attention to what's happening! name My son (and I) have loved this story from the first day we opened it, when he was barely two, till now, six months on. It is a book that warrants reading and re-reading, with wonderful details on each page. The rhymes encourage him to learn and repeat the story, and it is a book we keep coming back to. One of the few young children's books it is a joy to re-read. Iain Rawlinson

5stars I used to weep with boredom when reading bedtime stories about little red hens and Old Farmers, this is different. Its funny, genuinely funny. I am not a man easily moved to laughter, (since I have a two year old who is an insomniac, who together with his 4 year old brother who are about as easy to please as a taliban warrior with piles. Fix-It Duck does the trick. It is beyond doubt the finest children’s book that adults can also enjoy I have yet encountered, funny, brilliantly illustrated... A Customer

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