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Fix It Duck With Tools

A rumbustious story with a wonderful rhythmic text full of humour that is further enhanced by the illustrations. Bookseller

This is a follow-up to Duck in the Truck. This time [Duck] is coping (rather badly) with DIY. Both of these fall into that classic category: they’ll be enjoyed by both parents and children. They also function on different levels, which is always a good thing. Sonia Benster, Publishing News

Alborough’s planning has been thorough. An object lesson in thinking before acting… Fix-It Duck will appeal to those who delight in mayhem and blind enthusiasm. TES

A well drawn, well written, well pitched book for toddlers which will be read again and again. Funny and expressive pictures, rhythmical text and even some relevance to toddler psychology – recommended. The Bookbag

There is always trouble when Duck is around and this time it’s a DIY nightmare when Duck decided to fix his leaking roof and sets off a chain reaction of disasters. Soon the entire neighbourhood is in chaos. Even the smallest child will warm to Duck’s enthusiasms while recognising that he is a walking, talking, quacking catastrophe. He has the aspirations of a rocket scientist and the life skills of the average toddler. He is a Duck with passion and you love him for it in the same way that you love toad in Wind in the Willows. Alborough’s illustrations are big and bold and capture every fleeting expression on Duck and the other animals’ faces while the rhythmic text is a jaunty and brilliant for reading aloud. Guardian