My Music

There’s a radio show in England called Desert Island Discs in which guests choose eight pieces of music to take with them to an imaginary island exile. The idea being, if you really had to choose from all the music you’ve heard in your life, what would you pick to accompany you in your isolation? The fact that the rules only allow eight pieces of music means you have to be ruthless in your selection.

This show has been on air since 1942 and it’s easy to see why: it’s a brilliant format - what better way to find out about a person than through the music which means the most to them? My website gives me the chance to share with you what my Desert Island discs would be. On the show there is someone interviewing the guest; in the absence of that I get to talk more about the music and why I like it.

The format of the show also asks guests to pick a book and a luxury item, and to choose one overall favourite from the eight tracks; I give these in Last Words and Choices at the end. I hope you find music here that inspires you just as it has inspired me. A big thank you to all these artists, whether alive or passed on, for what they have shared with us.

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