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It started with an ad, two dole queue brats,
A jam in a basement of a council flat.
Sam brought the lyrics, the voice, the looks,
Danny’s got the riffs and the catchy hooks.
They drank, they smiled they played,
Respect was earnt and friendships made,
Every gig it grew, soon everybody knew,
Something special going on between these two.

This is how it all began,
Up and down the country in a beat-up van,
Playing shoulder to shoulder in sweaty dives,
Adrenaline rush, feeling so alive.
From pubs to clubs to arena dates,
From coast to coast across the States.
Started as rough and ready rock and roll band,
Turned into a logo and business brand.

Chemistry, chemistry – inspiration comes for free.
Chemistry, chemistry – pushing up the ticket fee.

The fights begin as the egos grow,
Now it’s different limos to every show.
Growing apart, trapped in a gilded cage,
There’s eighty foot between them on the rock star stage.
The forces that attracted, reversed their polarity, contracted.
Nobody’s enjoying this any more,
The one thing they agree on is to quit the tour.

Chemistry, chemistry – what happened to you and me?
Chemistry, chemistry – forgotten what we used to be.

Ten years on, how did it end?
Distant strangers, long lost friends.
Nights in their studios working on songs,
Inspiration run dry, there’s something wrong.
The hits aren’t coming anymore,
They miss the magic that they felt before.
Don’t want to admit it but it’s plain to see,
They ain’t got nothing if they ain’t got that
Chemistry, chemistry, chemistry, chemistry.

A few beers down Sam’s been up all night,
The dawn breaks through, he sees the light.
It’s a new day, there’s no time to stall,
Danny cracks a smile when he gets the call.
We were friends when we started out,
That’s what the music was all about.
Let’s do what’s right, let’s end this fight,
Tell the band, tell the fans we’re gonna reunite.

Two months later, the comeback tour,
Giving the fans what they’ve been waiting for.
The songs that somehow spoke their truth,
Expressed their pain, defined their youth.
In the spotlight on the stage,
The rock gods start to show their age,
But they don’t care, 'cos there ain’t no doubt,
Both of them know what this is all about.

Chemistry, chemistry – all the faithful fans agree, still got:
Chemistry, chemistry – sharing creativity.
Chemistry, chemistry – It’s bigger than you and me.


© Copyright Jez Alborough 2017.

Recorded in Richmond, Surrey by Jez Alborough and Big Wav Productions.
With thanks to Major Baldini



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