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Leaving You This Way

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I can tell by the look on your face,
I might as well take myself out of this place.
The wind is moaning, its cold and its grey,
I hate leaving you this way.

You keep saying; ‘Can’t you let me be?’
I thought you wanted this as much as me.
I’d turn around now if you want me to stay –
Because I hate leaving you this way.

Just this morning I awoke with your kiss,
Now the bliss has gone away and turned into this.
The bed is unmade and still warm where we lay,
I hate leaving you this way.

I hate this confusion,
Like a puzzle with no solution.
It’s always you with the upper hand,
It’s aways me that doesn’t understand.
This is a game I never wanted to play –
Because I end up leaving you this way.

Conversations going round in my head,
Running over every single thing that we said.
Now I’ve got no more words to say –
Except I hate leaving you this way.

I know I have to go, I know the score,
We’ve played these parts many times before.
I know your heart aches as much as mine,
Can’t you see we’re just wasting time?
The light is fading, it’s the end of the day
And I hate leaving you, I hate leaving you,
You know I hate leaving you this way.


© Copyright Jez Alborough 2014.

Recorded in Richmond, Surrey by Jez Alborough and Big Wav Productions.
With thanks to Major Baldini



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