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Never Going Back

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This song began with a chord riff and the line: ‘Never going back to that place no more.’ I liked the idea of using a physical location as a metaphor for a bad ‘space’, a way of saying: ‘I’ll never make that mistake again.’ The mistake in this case turned out to be the bad relationship which the character has found herself in. It’s a very positive song; a defiant cry of personal freedom.

Here are the lyrics:

She thought the love that found her, would always last,
Its breath got slowly strangled by demons from the past.
He seemed so strong, how could this be wrong?
She knew all along that she should be gone.

She saw a life completed with this wonder man,
But the only place he led her - is back where this began.
It felt so wrong, like she didn’t belong.
All the joy was gone - but she carried on.

She’s been to this place, many times before,
She wanna get out but she can’t find the door.
She’s waiting to fly but she’s still on the floor,
All she knows is she can’t go to this place no more.
Dark clouds rising, cold winds howling,
The storm is coming, but she’s not hiding.

We can’t protect each other from what we need to feel,
It’s only sweet surrender that’s gonna make us heal.
I thought I was the problem, but then the tables turned.
Through all the pain and heartache, many lessons learned.
Love brings two hearts together, but what I didn’t know:
One day you learn the lesson, Love is letting go.    
It made her strong, those days are gone.
It made her strong - now her life moves on.

She’s been to this place, many times before,
Now nothing he can say can keep her here no more.
She’s made up her mind, and she’s walked through the door,                
Now she’s never going back to that, never going back to that,
Never going back to that place no more.


© Copyright Jez Alborough 2014.

Recorded in Richmond, Surrey by Jez Alborough and Big Wav Productions.
With thanks to Major Baldini



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