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Pavement Shuffle has got a real old time feel, which was helped when we realised it needed brushes on the drums and a double bass sound rather than electric bass. This was one of those songs where the subject matter was suggested by the rhythm; as I played the riff, I could just see footsteps walking along a street.

Here are the lyrics:

If you ever have the walking blues,
Listen to the rhythm of the shuffling shoes.
Don’t think about your destination,
You don’t need no consternation.
Keeping cool in the summer heat,
Doing the pavement shuffle on down the street.

One footstep then another,
Waving to a brother,
There’s Delaney’s sister,
Just last week I kissed her.
Blackbird singing from the apple trees,
Music carried on the summer breeze.

Everybody got some place to go,
Some job to do, some seeds to grow,
Some fight to pick, some sights to see,
Some deal to make, some place to be.
Clicky-clack tip-tap, hear the sound,
Of the Pavement shuffle all over town.

I’m travelling down life’s sidewalk,
Whistling on my way,
I don’t know where I’m going but,
I’ll get there one fine day.
Until that time I’ll listen to my feet,
Doing the pavement shuffle on down the street .

She’s been to this place, many times before,
Now nothing he can say can keep her here no more.
She’s made up her mind, and she’s walked through the door,                
Now she’s never going back to that, never going back to that,
Never going back to that place no more.


© Copyright Jez Alborough 2019.

Recorded in Richmond, Surrey by Jez Alborough and Big Wav Productions.
With thanks to Major Baldini



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