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This song is based around a real incident that happened to me in the early 90s. It inspired a poem, a children’s book and now this song. If it raises a smile when you listen to it, then it has done it’s job.

Here are the lyrics:

I'm on my way to work I'm walking down the street,
Got the Monday morning blues like everyone I meet.
Grey and vacant faces staring at the screens,
Talking down the wire, walking in a dream.

Then a passer-by caught my eye,
Smiling back at me, I don't know why.
Her face shining like a sunny day,
Everything about her just seemed to say:

Smile – why d’you look so glum?
Open up, the day has just begun.
Life is such a brief romance,
You might as well do it while you've got the chance.

It took a while for me to realise,
Got a tingle in my bones and sparkle in my eyes.
Somewhere in the crowd the stranger is gone,
But the gift she gave to me, you know it still shines on.

We pace the streets like the walking dead,
Lost in a world inside our heads.
But there's a life outside your mind,
Open your heart and you might find you smile.

When the world seems to pick on you,
There's always something that you can do:
You've got to learn to let it be,
ise above the negativity.

Now I'm feeling good I'm feeling free,
There’s a lady staring back at me.
Suddenly she started smiling too,
And deep inside the happy feeling grew.

When you feel it and the blues have gone,
Now it's your turn to pass it on.
Think about what a smile is worth,
A smile like yours could travel round the earth.

Smile – if you're feeling down,
You can turn the world upside down.
Smile – you've got nothing to hide.
Smile – when you feel it inside.
Life is such a brief romance,
You might as well do it while you've got the chance.

Smile, give a little smile.
Turn your frown upside down,
Give a smile, spread it around.
Give a smile.


© Copyright Jez Alborough 2015.

Recorded in Richmond, Surrey by Jez Alborough and Big Wav Productions.
With thanks to Major Baldini



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