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When I Get This, I'll Be Happy

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They give you all you need,
A b
illion bytes and bits,
To build the brand of you,
easure your life in hits.

The world out there is always near,
But are you ever really here?
Everything is getting faster,
Who’s the slave and who’s the master?

You blog, you post, you text and tweet,
The pen and paper obsolete,
Fingers forgetting how to write,
But it’s alright .

Contentment, presented,
Every moment documented,
You feel more real somehow,
Tell us what you’re doing now.

Plugged in, screwed-up, spaced out,
Nobody’s asking what’s it’s all about.
When I get this, I’ll be more me,
When I get this, I’ll be happy,
When I get this, I’ll be happy.

You think you’re free,
You’re standing proud,
Your history stored in cloud.
You think: ‘I’m liked, so I exist’,
Here comes the twist:

Your future is predicted,
You ain’t free, if you’re addicted,
Brainwashed into what you need,
Manipulation built on greed.

We’re so much more than what they taught us,
Mother nature’s sons and daughters,
Unfathomable peace inside us,
Wisdom of the heart to guide us.

Can you hear the planet humming?
Can you see what we’re becoming?
They wrote the code,
They programmed you.
Now you’re a computer too.

The hype machine goes on deceiving,
Whose beliefs are you believing?
Billion-dollar corporation, technological salvation.
Latest product now on sale,
The Holy Grail, designed to fail.
Last year’s model just pollution,
Is this really evolution?

Update – it’s great,
Don’t get left behind,
Mutate your brain,
Control your mind.

When I get this, I’ll be more me:
When I get this, I’ll be happy.
When I get this, I’ll be happy.
When I get this, I’ll be happy.


© Copyright Jez Alborough 2014.

Recorded in Richmond, Surrey by Jez Alborough and Big Wav Productions.
With thanks to Major Baldini



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