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Reviews Say Creating the Book Balloon


Charming and Different From the Norm Not only is this an engaging and beautifully illustrated story about a boy and his balloon, it's also the only book I've seen for children my daughter's age (22 months) that concentrates exclusively on the use of verbs rather than nouns. We love it. A Customer

Fun with Billy's Balloon Lovely big bright illustrations in story board format, with fabulous rhyming text. My 2 yr old adores this book and I have to read it again and again and again whenever he finds it. Highly recommended to any young toddler! W. Kimber

Never ending story.... Be prepared to read this over and over again. "Again please" --- and away we go again! Helps to discover things in the pictures to talk about but the simplicity of this book makes it a treasure to those little friends I have had the pleasure to share it with. CJ Mayne, New Zealand