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Readers Say Creating the Book Balloon


You and your toddler will both be caught up in the momentum of the chase as Billy tries to recapture his runaway balloon. The rhythmic text is great for reading aloud and the illustrations are terrific.
Mother & Baby Magazine

Immensely appealing. Children’s Bookseller

Jez Alborough’s pictures work brilliantly at story times and this new title is no exception. The minimal text has good rhythm and keeps you turning pages at a great pace. Like many very popular books it is deceptively simple. Billy’s Mum buys him a new balloon but soon after he starts playing with it, it blows away in the wind so Billy chases the balloon and tries to catch it. There is lovely use of language with unexpected rhymes, encouraging children to join in - loudly! There is also a wonderful cyclical ending – taking you straight back to the beginning again. The warm illustrations in appealing soft pencil tell a great deal more about the story . Billy’s joy when he is playing, his despondency when the balloon is lost and the tenderness of his relationship with his Mother. Best of all, a hugely enjoyable double spread shows the balloon going BANG! Definitely one for the nursery or first school library.
Lynne Taylor, School Librarian, Swindon

Confirms Alborough's reputation for simple, lively rhythmic picture book texts with a sense of fun. Sunday Times

The skilful use of strip cartoon style keeps the pages turning and the bold poster paint bright illustrations have a fresh appeal - which is just as well. You’ll be coming back to this picture book again and again. Independent