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Reviews Say Creating the Book Sid Colour In Some Dogs Do


Sid on Swing

5 stars Our All-Time Favorite. This is now our all-time favorite children's book. My three-year-old son loves this book. He laughs so hard he runs out of breath, and when Sid's dad begins to fly at the end of the book, he is so relieved and absolutely elated. Not only is this an excellent book, but the looks on my son's face are absolutely priceless and one of my happiest memories.
Debra J Reihman, Johnson City, TN

5 stars My very favorite children's book! I love everything about this book: the vivid illustrations, the engaging flow of the rhyme, the uplifting, but not preachy, message. Sometimes I long to skip lines or pages in books when reading to my kids, but never in this book. R King, Michigan

5 stars Yes, and you can too! Jez Alborough is among my favorite authors of children's books. In this book he has imagined a tale so eloquent and so memorable that it will quickly become a family favorite. The illustrations are beautifully painted, made especially vibrant because of Alborough's heavy use of greens and blues. The author has perfectly imagined the characters expressions, from curious glances and despondent faces to joyous looks of wonder and satisfaction.

This book has to be read aloud! Having presented this title dozens of times to numerous audiences, I can tell you that this is among the best books I have read to children and their parents. My audiences always applaud my telling of this book, largely I think, because of the passion I put into reading it, which is made easy by the rhythmic text and the dialogue that begs to be voiced. The surprise ending is always a hit with my listeners and brings relevance to the title. This is a must-have title for your child's library! Timothy Hernandez, Englewood, CO, USA

5 stars A Perfect Story! This book uplifts your heart and teaches your child that dreaming and believing in the impossible is perfectly okay! Delightful to read for ages 4-10, it is a must for your library. I give it as a gift all the time! L C MCWILLIAMS "Reading Mom", Flower Mound, Texas

5 stars My 3yr old adores this book! Cutest book about Sid the Dog who can fly but none of his friends believe him. Cute, bright illustration and all rhyming! No Castle (Bloomfield Hills, MI) I loved this book! The pictures are TOO CUTE, the rhymes are clever and the story is fun. I'm starting a collection of books for my grandchildren (still a few years away!) and bought this for them. The book is large so the pictures really pop! Barb Eimer

5 stars My Absolute Favorite!!! I love this book. The story is fantastic, the illustrations are adorable and the rhyming is engaging. My kids now have it memorized and love to read through it on their own. I give this to friends and family as a baby gift because we have enjoyed it so much!
A. C. Knecht "Seize the Day", Cincinnati, OH, USA

5 stars Jez does it again I bought this book for my 3 year old, as he loves the "duck" books by Jez. He loves this book as well, and it is my personal favorite. I love the message in the book, and the rhymes are easy to read and follow. Of Jez's books, this is the best. This is a book that parents will enjoy reading and children love to hear. By A Customer

5 stars Sweet and meaningful, This is a great story about believing in yourself that manages to get the message across without lecturing. The rhymes are outstanding and the illustration are beautiful with lots of detail to discover. Both our [...] love the book. The language is simple enough for a first grade reading level, by the way. Jez Alborough hardly ever misses, and this book is definitely a score. David De Graaf, Boston, MA, USA

5 stars Fantastic read! I love everytime that I read this book to my son. It is truly so enjoyable you can read it over and over. Perfectly put together with beautiful illustrations and an uplifting story. Mrs. Nichola Whitehead "Mum of 2"

5 stars A Big Hit with Twin Toddlers! We found this book at the library, and were taking it out so often we ended up buy it ourselves (which we NEVER do). Our twins fell in love with Sid when they were about 18 months old. The illustrations are wonderful, the rhyming is adorable, and the story is so positive. We've talked about emotions, friends, family, and a bunch of other topics based on the reading. A GREAT read aloud for little ones, and a good early reader for older kids. P DiNardo, NH

5 starsDreams and Miracles With a simple story this book gives a poignant lesson on miracles, hopes and dreams. An uplifting tale about a young dog who comes to realize that miracles do happen and not to let other people (in this case dogs) drag you down with their own disbelief. A book that rhymes with large colourful illustrations will interest even toddlers.
K Sokol, Gilbert, AZ

5 stars Love this book - wonderful story and illustrations. My 11 month old loves looking at the illustrations in this book and it has a very nice rhyming story. I would highly recommend it because it has a valuable lesson. It teaches children to not be held back by limitations that are imposed on them by others.

---UPDATE: My child is now 16 months old now and this is his favorite book. He actually sits through it and listens to every word without moving an inch (an impressive feat for my active toddler). I also like the text - when I read other books I normally improvise but this book needs no improvision! It is perfect! Durham, NC, United States

5 stars Great Story and Illustrations My 16 month old LOVES this book and I don't mind a bit reading it several times per day. The text is simple and originally rhyming, the illustrations are very cute. Sid is the star of this heartwarming tale that fills the imagination of both adult and child. I look hard for children's books that I enjoy reading and my son enjoys hearing and looking at the illustrations and this one fit's the bill perfectly. C Olson "soconikbooks"

5 stars Jez has done it again! I'm a big fan of the "Bear" books by this same author, so I took a gander at this yesterday and ended up buying it. (Right after I dried my tears) This sweet story has the same great pictures and feel of Where's My Teddy. Set in a world of dogs, it tells the story of a young pup's ups and downs with lovely family interaction.
Holly Lewis "Avid Reader",Medina, OH, USA

5 stars Fantastic. My daughter has had this book over a year. It spends weeks being red endlessly before being replaced by another favourite only to be requested again a few weeks later. She enjoyed it when she was one and still enjoys it at nearly three. Olivia Stevenson

5 stars Fantastic!! It’s the best feel-good book I’ve encountered for ages. It’s hard to precisely say why, but somehow, the combination of the story, the rhyme and the illustrations is spot on. Apart from reinforcing self belief the book would provide an excellent basis for talking to your child about different feelings and reasons for them as the drawn characters have such clear facial and bodily expressions. Magdadh

5 stars Believe in the impossible If you want to enthral your children with a truly wonderful and enchanting story that shows that anything is possible, buy and enjoy this book. Magical illustrations and a simple text combine with genuine originality to create something special. Now a two year old's favourite bedtime story, it holds equal appeal for her four year old brother. Their father is happy to read it to them every night. christian cull This book is fantastic, about believing in yourself as a child, and not worrying about what others say or think. I loved it. things can happen when you're happy, don't let others bring you down to earth!!! tig134

5 stars I bought this book for my daughter after a friend recommended the author. I have to say it's one of the best books I could have purchased by far. She asks for it everynight and follows the story intently, repeating phrases and words at the crucial moments (she's 22 months and just talking in sentences). I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to have a wonderful reading experience with their child. M. Line

5 stars Doggy Heaven. This is one of the sweetest stories I read to my children at bedtime. The story concerns a dog who is so happy that he flies but cannot when he is unhappy. This has a real feel good factor both for children and for adults (at least for this adult!) A J Rabet "Rabs"

5 stars Perfect. Brings a tear to your eye on every read, and a warm feeling inside. It's the best book my son owns; we all love it and it just never gets old. A must for every parent's book list - as essential as The Gruffalo. J Gay

5 stars Enchanting! My two year old son is already a huge fan of Jez Alborough' Duck books and Some Dogs Do has become a firm favourite too! It is a lovely book to read aloud the gentle rhyming is perfect for bedtime (or another time for that matter), the illustrations are beautifully drawn and the storey has a sweet ending. We've only had Some Dogs Do a few weeks and it has aready gained a lightly "dog eared" appearance from being dragged around and presented to anyone sitting down who is prepared to read it to him again....and again....and again.... SA Gregory

5 stars Brilliant. My son absolutely loves this book, the illustrations are entrancing and the story great fun to read for adults. This is just as well, as I've read it over a hundred times to him already! peter_simpson4

5 stars Lovely Book. I recently purchased this book and its great. Jez Alborough has done it again, another fantastic book which rhymes. my children loved it and I have already had to read it to them several times. well worth purchasing. By A Customer

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