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Readers Say Creating the Book Sid Colour In Some Dogs Do


Sid Walking

Some Dogs Do is, I promise you, going to be one of the biggest hits of all time - and for all the very best reasons. If you believe in something strongly enough then miracles can happen. Jez Alborough takes this idea and flies with it… just like Sid. This year’s shining gem. The Guardian

It’s got instant classic written all over it. The Times

The story has bright, gladdening illustrations and urges children not to drop their dreams, however barking these may be.
The Observer

A warm hearted vindication of dreaming, flying, or just being a different dog.
Chicago Tribune

Is there no end to Jez Alborough’s wild imagination and creativity? In this book he showcases yet again his sophisticated talent as both writer and illustrator. Book Trusted

Rhyme and alliteration make this wonderfully uplifting story a pleasure to read aloud to groups of children. The clear text and complimentary illustrations also make this an excellent book for children aged 3 plus to ‘read’ for themselves. Lovely! School Librarian

This uplifting tale will fly off the page and straight into the heart of anyone who has, just for a second, stopped believing in miracles...a great book...children of all ages will love it.
Burnley Express & News

(Jez Alborough) has not only created delightful characters in Sid, his classmates and family, but also a wonderful world of dogs. The reader is pulled into this world by the strong colours which make it very real and entirely believable. It is the happiest, most uplifting story I have read for ages. Sydney & Melbourne’s Child