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10 - Finalising the Cover
16th July 2012 - Afternoon


Here is the cover artwork. I shall check it tomorrow with a fresh eye but it is more or less finished. I painted three versions of this and picked the best one. It's strange that all day I've been thinking I'd use version A but two minutes ago I changed my preference to version C - the one shown here. The difference between them is very slight but it's nice to have a choice. So now you have to imagine this image on a red background - Billy's coat looks great with red. For this to be added, as well as the type and all sorts of other things, the interior artwork goes to the designer who puts it all together. Hope you've enjoyed hearing about my journey with this book - if you're interested in hearing how this series came about (including where the original idea came from) you might like to have a look at my Nat the Cat blog.

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