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5 - So That's What Nat's Coat Looks Like!
16th June 2012


Billy's Breakfast has a moment in the plot when Hugo throws Nat's coat over Billy. The coat is the only prop which I haven't yet chosen the colours for. I tried this viridian green but because there is a lot of green in Nat's kitchen the coat gets a bit lost. Aaargh! Have I ruined all that work with a big mistake?


I show it to my wife Rikka; she says it needs some red. Sounds mad to me but I find this pinky red (not a colour I often use, the tube is full!) and add these flowers. It's better but still not distinctive enough; I dab in yellow and then white for leaves and disaster is averted. The coat looks quite funky and it stands out well on the page. Although moments like these are a bit scary, I like the fact that I never really know how the picture will look until I've actually got stuck in and painted it. When I wrote the story I would never have guessed Nat's coat would look like this!

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