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1 - First Step
12th May 2012


This week I started the artwork for my new picture book. It's the second in my new Nat the Cat series (the first came out in March) and it's called Billy Goat's Breakfast. It's great to be painting again.


Here's the early stages of Billy drinking all Nat's orange juice (not yet added). As you can see the style of painting I am using for these books is all about texture; paint can be applied in may different ways and Billy's hair illustrates this. Lines can be thick, thin, scrabbly, blocky, flowing etc. and it is the combination of all these different marks (and colours) which add up to the look of the characters and the overall style of the artwork. Notice how there is only one bit of black in the picture (Billy's eye) -  this makes it stand out nicely against all the blue.

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