10 - When is a Painting Finished?
6th June 2013

I'm busy finishing off the artwork. Once the artwork is handed in (next week) there will be no chance of changing anything. This is how the book will always look.


This adds a certain pressure to make decisions: does each piece need more tweaking or should I leave it alone? When is the artwork finished? In the end it's a gut feeling; it's as if the picture tells you and you have to trust that.


Here's a sneak preview (minus finishing touches) and this is the text which goes with it:


          So under the hood they shuffled along
          until Hugo noticed that something was wrong.
          'Billy you're pushing me out' he cried
          'my fur is getting all wet on one side.'
          Billy looked over, he could see it was true,
          Hugo's umbrella was not built for two.'


Did you spot the mistake? Billy isn't looking over! Must repaint those eyes.

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